The postage is the same…but Ross4Marketing’s Unique EDDM Products are better.


    The postage is the same…but Ross4Marketing’s Unique EDDM Products are better.


    The postage is the same…but Ross4Marketing’s Unique EDDM Products are better.


    In 2018, Ross4Marketing delivered more than 20 Million EDDM mailers for over 4500 client stores / businesses

Handout Peel-Off Card

Handout Peel Off Cards

Our Handout Peel Off Card makes a big first impression!

Envelope Self-Mailer

Envelope Self Mailer

Ross4Marketing’s Envelope Self Mailer – the shape and fold get your attention.

BiFold Peel-Off Mailer

Handout Peel Off Cards

The BiFold Peel Off Mailer demands that you remove the discount cards.

Scratch Off Postcard

Handout Peel Off Cards

Scratch-Off Cards need to be scratched to see what’s inside.

TriFold Peel-Off Mailer

Handout Peel Off Cards

TriFold Peel Off Mailers have a bottom mystery flap for hiding content & offers!

Prospect for New Customers with EDDM

Many businesses know they need some kind of mailing program, but often don’t know where to start. USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM can gives you the power of a bulk mailer campaign at a fraction of the cost. Attracting new clients has never been easier. There’s no need for expensive mailing lists, variable addressing or even going to the post office. All you need is an area to target and a few minutes to place your EDDM order. Ross will bring your postcard mailing campaign from concept to completion. We take care of the mapping, printing, bundling, verification and shipping to your local USPS.

EDDM delivery is based on selecting carrier routes within each zip code, residential and businesses. This way, you determine the area you want to mail by the carrier routes. The number of addresses in each carrier route is provided by the USPS. The postage cost is based on the number of pieces and pre-paid.

When you schedule the mailer, you provide the ‘requested in-home delivery date’ as a short range of days. EDDM cannot be scheduled for a specific day, due to Post Office limitations. As a result, an in-home delivery date can be requested and most of the time, the USPS is to accommodate this.

USPS will then distribute these EDDM mailer ‘bundles’ by carrier to the carrier. The carrier picks up the ‘bundle’ with the rest of the mail for their route, and they then delivery one each mailbox.

How Ross Helps

Every Door Direct Mail is a program of the United States Postal Service that gives business owners the ability to target local customers without the requirement of an address label. Local mailers save money on their saturation mailings by avoiding mailing list and addressing costs.

–  Mapping and Market Analysis– Ross assists in determining carrier routes, counts, and provide additional demographic information.
–  1000 piece minimum.
–  Easy scheduling, based on your requirements.
–  Choose from wide selection of mailing pieces like postcards, menus, brochures and magnet mailers.

–  Economical — Low per piece cost means larger area of coverage
–  Mail whole / full carrier routes.
–  No mailing list needed.

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