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If you haven’t thought about the 2016 holiday season yet, you still have time. It won’t be long before the official start of the holiday shopping season, but you can use these holiday marketing ideas any time before and during the holiday season. Holiday marketing can convert your holiday shoppers into spending more money, and encourage them to become more loyal to your business all year long. It does not need to be complicated or expensive.

Most consumers love the holidays, and they love a good deal. Give your customers a reason to visit your store or restaurant during the holiday season. Shoppers expect sales and discounts when considering what and where to purchase.

Type of Discounts

Holiday Sale Coupons

If you have a small business, limit your discounts to specific days, or specific hours. Research show that consumers prefer storewide discounts, which also may be easier to execute. If having a storewide discount doesn’t make sense for your small business, you can offer a free product with purchase, or a discount based on the amount purchased. You can also give a coupon that can be redeemed after a future date.

Shoppers expect sales and discounts when considering what and where to purchase.

How to Advertise your Discounts

Traditional advertising such as Television and Radio advertisements can be expensive, so here are a few ways to avoid large expenses.

  1. Advertise your discounts in the local/ neighborhood newspaper.
  2. Send out a mailer to your customer database, or saturate the area within 2 miles of your business.
  3. Announce the discount on social media.
  4. Hang a banner outside and if possible use sidewalk signs.
  5. Use your windows to advertise; put up posters or window clings.
  6. Handout flyers at your business and surrounding businesses.

Take advantage of this busy season, by marketing coming events or sales. Give your customers offers that can be redeemed in 2017.


Winter Shopping Window Decal

Lower your marketing expenses by partnering with other local businesses in your area. Partnerships with other local businesses will spread awareness about your business to a new audience of highly qualified buyers. You can simply agree to give out coupons, brochures and flyers to each other’s clients, or you can partner on special holiday packages, combining your products/services.

Partner with your vendors and suppliers. For retailers, they may be willing to put on trunk show, or send an expert to your store to provide demos. Food and beverage suppliers may offer you discounted products, that you can pass on to your customers.


Holiday Store Purchase

Building loyalty can be as simple as a thank you. Customers like to be recognized and thanked for their business. As an owner or manager, take the time to introduce yourself, and say thanks. During the holiday season, you can take that a step further, and hand out a holiday card or a coupon with a special offer.

Building a loyalty program does not require an expensive platform. Grow any database of addresses, email addresses or mobile phone numbers, by simply asking, or offer an on the spot discount for joining your loyalty program. Texting or emailing offers throughout the year will build customer loyalty. Ask your customers to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram. Use any of the many social platforms to offer short term specials, and keep in touch with your customer base.

In Conclusion

Holiday marketing is important for any business. It is a long season, starting with Black Friday and continuing through New Year’s Day. You can start your marketing effort with very little lead time. Discounts and Partnerships are simple and easy ways to end your year with record sales. Remember your loyal customers and make sure you keep them coming back throughout the coming year. Have fun, and enjoy this profitable season!