Many of our Domino’s clients tell us of a competitor moving into their area, and ask us for advice on how to combat the intrusion! Of course, there are many basic things that will certainly contribute to a competitor’s demise, such as great customer service and high-quality product. But take it a step further with a direct mail piece, that cements their loyalty to you!

Competitive intrusion mail plans are a powerful instrument of marketing. As a case study, a Domino’s Pizza franchisee had several new competitors spring up in the neighborhoods they serviced. New competitors mean a smaller share of the pizza market. The franchisee called upon Ross4Marketing to help.

A Direct Mail marketing plan was put in place in order to offset the potential loss in business. Ross focused mailers directly around each competitor’s store and also mailed the piece to a few carrier routes closest to the Domino’s Store.

Ross4Marketing designed and mailed a supersize postcard (11” x 6”) with 5 coupon offers. The graphic on the postcard reminded the customers of the variety of menu options using food shots and an aggressive offer.

Customers loved it and continued to redeem the coupon. In turn, Dominos increased business by 17% each week following the mailings. Several weeks after the initial mailings were sent out, the franchisee calculated a 300% return on investment from their initial investment. Dominos also saw a large rise in the number of new customers. One clever franchisee now goes a step further and puts together a “New Customer Welcome Pack” to include with any new customer order. Included in this packet are a Trifold Menu with coupons, Survey Card with stamp, magnet, mints, parmesan, crushed red pepper and mini-application all in an “Order Online” sticker-sealed bag.

A competitor in the neighborhood does not have to be detrimental. It can be the catalyst for a fresh take on your marketing and incorporating a campaign into the marketing plan.