Ross4Marketing has been perfectly positioned to work with Domino’s franchisees to develop omnichannel marketing strategies for many years.  By utilizing the marketing tools provided by Domino’s Corporate and the expertise of our marketing team, you can achieve amazing results with direct mail if you follow the new rules of the road, such as targeting your audience carefully and crafting your message accordingly.  
An omnichannel marketing campaign means using both digital and print as channels to reach the same audience rather than thinking of each channel as a separate way to connect with different individuals. 
Integrating print into your marketing strategy works across multiple channels. Print is a great way to reach customers where they physically are offline while digital marketing will do the legwork for getting your brand in front of this audience when they are online. And when you have cohesive messaging on all channels—digital and print combined—your audience is more likely to remember what you are trying to communicate because they are exposed to it in many places.
As a Domino’s franchisee, you have a database that is growing by leaps and bounds right now.  More new customers are ordering. Making sure you capture and convert those new customers to MVPs is your best strategic goal.  Analyze your database to create an omnichannel campaign that starts with a strong print piece, and combined with corporate’s TV ads, email campaigns and your local social media contributions, and you have the makings of a tremendously powerful marketing blitz. 
Integrate your print and digital strategies in an omnichannel approach by adding personalized variable printing, QR codes, “text to” messages, and social media handles on print materials.  Let your print and digital strategies work together. When you have cohesive messaging on all channels, digital and print combined, your customers are more likely to remember your communications. And with Ross4Marketing, there are some specific things you can add to your direct mail to make it even more memorable, such as peel off magnets, scratch offs and other involvement devices. Your mailer is sure to stand out even more among all of the other mail in the mailbox.  The detachable card is a retainable piece that will continue to promote your company many months after the mailer is received.
The digital marketing platform is so highly saturated right now that screen fatigue is the result.  The value and effectiveness of digital messaging is highly diluted.  Direct mail now has a much greater impact on those stuck at home. It has a proven higher retention rate, as well as being perceived as more trustworthy.  The timing has never been better.
When you plan your direct mail with Ross4Marketing, you know that our “all under one roof” capability provides a seamless experience to our customers and helps avoid the glitches that occur when piecing together multiple vendors.  Our team is your team, offering you years of marketing and production experience.